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JagMag Lights would like to introduce best quality modern crystal plate chandeliers for export from India.

Welcome To The World Of Modern Plate Chandeliers

Modern Plate Chandeliers are the most luxurious kind of elegant chandeliers. Plate chandelier contain a mirror finished stainless steel plate at top with different crystals, Glass, Metal designs hanged on it. 

Modern Plate Chandelier is the branch of JagMag Lights , which served more than thousands of direct Clients, Hotels, Restaurants, Banquets, Dealers and Exporters. 

With our high quality products we are one of the fastest growing company in the lighting industry. We have hundreds of products in plate chandeliers which are totally customisable as per your space, colour, design and prices.

Being a manufacturer we are having very high quality at affordable prices in industry. 

Different Kind of Modern Crystal Plate Chandelier Products

Crystal Ball Chandelier

Crystal Ball Chandelier

These crystal ball chandelier can put an luxury appeal to any living space, whether it is for of a living room or dining room. Your guests will be enchanted by your chandelier.

Crystal Pencil Chandelier

Crystal Pencil Chandelier

The beauty of crystal pencils chandeliers comes from the straight plane solid glass crystal tubes which hanged from plates. These are most selling evergreen chandeliers which brings beauty to your place

Crystal Beads Chandelier

Crystal Beads Chandelier

Crystal beads chandeliers are manufactured by the long chain of beautiful crystal beads hanged in a beautiful manner which glows your place with wonderful lights.

Crystal pattri chandelier

Baguette Prism crystal Chandelier

 Crystal baguettes are long narrow prisms that are commonly used by themselves or in graduated basket chains. They become a focal point of a chandelier and are a fairly large prism that can refract a lot of light from the chandelier.

Baguettes are usually 2 to 5 inches long but may run larger or smaller in special cases. Many designers use them because they command attention and are a fast prism to install. Baguettes can be beveled along the top and sides. They usually have a flat back.

 Maharaja chandelier

Maharaja Chandeliers

 Maharaja Chandelier is justified regardless of the consumption that you wish to bring about for the beautification of the house. Breathtaking work on the crystal fixture, together with the impact the light sparkles in it, makes it a valuable thing to have in your home or some other space. You can make sure it's made with high worth, intended to be a prized thing in the family for a long time to come. The sheer excellence of the glass light fixtures made in Maharaja Chandelier will bring a blend of cryptic and quiet emotions to the passerby.

Creative innovative chandeliers

Creative Chandelier

Creative Chandeliers are the most innovative and creative type of chandelier. In these chandeliers crystals from different chandeliers are picked to give shape to an idea. In these chandeliers we can make 3D animal, structure, Drawing, Painting, Shape etc. These chandelier are most beautiful chandelier which can surprise your visitors with eye catchy aesthetic look. Creative chandeliers are the result most customised form of plate chandeliers.

Download Our modern Plate Chandelier Catalogue

JagMag Lights having expertisation in customisation of plate chandeliers. Every day we manufacture a new innovative design in different shape, size and colour. We tried to capture some of our designs into our catalogues.

Other Products

 Our All Designs Are Customizable, It Means Every Design Can Fit Into Your Size & Interior 

If you are looking for some other products like chandeliers (other then plate or crystal chandeliers) , hanging lights, wall lights , floor lamps, table lamps or any other decorative lighting solutions, then you can visit our official website of JagMag lights.

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